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Our body is more than a “body parts” of a machine, and in addition to the chemicals, a continuous energy flow keeps the organs and systems in function.

In prevention and/or in addition to the western medicine, these combinations of vibrational techniques keep your body and mind in balance, which is the primordial condition for a healthy body, and also accelerate the healing process.

Reiki Energy Healing Therapy

Energy Healing

Balancing and uplifting body energy and unblocking with TENNANT® technology

Reiki | Kinesiology | Biomodulator

Rejuvenation Therapy


Facial/Neck/Bust Treatments with NU SKIN® products(best skin care product of 2018)

LumiSpa | Galvanic Spa | AgeLoc



Gabby I just got back from the ear doctor. She was happy she couldn’t believe how much my ear healed just from last week!!!! She was amazed. she was happy, she said my eardrum is growing, that’s a big deal I have no eardrum for 5 years. It’s starting to grow, so she wonders how this is growing. I didn’t say Reiki did it… yet… but I will. I don’t have words to thank you!”

Barbara S., New Jersey - 2017

“Gabriela is one of the finest Reiki Masters / Energetic Healing Practitioners. She is very experienced, incredibly intuitive, immensely helpful, and extremely knowledgeable in many areas of healing.  I had a serious health challenge and Gabriela has made a huge impact on my wellness going forward. Whenever I leave her session, I feel fully relaxed and energized until the next visit. I highly recommend you try her. You will want to be a committed and loyal client for life!”

Jean, New Jersey - 2018

“Reiki treatment with Gabi is truly life-changing. Her warm heart and amazing spirit combined with lifelong experience have completely changed the course of my life from negative to positive! She is truly magical and has taken all worries, fears, and anxieties away from me. She takes each session very seriously and makes sure you can the best benefit you can. Her sessions have allowed me to look at how beautiful life really is because she opens you up to your higher self and soul. I highly recommend Gabi for Reiki. She’s the best and will 100% make your life better in every aspect!!”

Dean, Long Island - 2017

“Dearest Gabriela,

The world cannot express my gratitude for all you do for me and my family. Without your help, I would be lost. You are a true healer with a big heart. Thank you for all of who you are!”

Nancy R., New Jersey - 2017

“I never understood what energy was before experiencing Reiki sessions with Gaby. I was first drawn to her because of the extremely compassionate and warm feeling she radiates. Gaby creates a beautiful safe space for whoever she is around and it is felt during her sessions. I am actually able to feel things shifting in my body during our sessions! After the session with her, I leave feeling more balanced emotionally and physically. With time working with her, I have been able to tune in more with my own personal needs, what I want to bring into my life and what isn’t serving me. Gaby is a true healer and teacher and I would highly recommend anyone who is going through a challenging experience to try working with her.”

Debbie T., New Jersey - 2018

“A friend recommended Gabby to me after I lost my father and was going through the hardest times of my life. I felt a heaviness in my heart that no one or nothing can help, I told my husband about Gabby and since he was always into natural and holistic healing he was interested in seeing her for the pain he had been having in his leg for a long time and couldn’t get rid of , so he asked me to go with him. To his first appointment, as soon as we got to her place she greeted us with her kindness and beautiful soul but at the time I was completely blocked and wanted nothing to do with any of it so I told her that we’re here only for my husband, she not being the pushy kind said absolutely even though my husband really wanted her to treat me as well, she said that I needed to mourn and that it was too soon, so for a couple of weeks of going to her with my husband for his visits which I will mention completely calmed down his pain and his nerves I started coming around, as if something drew me towards her , she didn’t even touch me all she did was lay me down I closed my eyes and completely relaxed that’s when it all started , everything all the pain inside my heart just poured out . I saw her once a week for the first couple of months and after that every 2 weeks now every 3-4 weeks. She changed my life as if everything can happen and yet it’s all ok and under control , I don’t feel helpless anymore I won’t say that the loss of my father is forgotten but I can think about him talk about him and still be ok . I’m a much calmer person I can relax myself and not be as nervous as I used to be about every little thing that happens in everyday life. My husband’s pain is gone and he too feels more balanced and relaxed which I think is so needed in these times. Gabby is also very knowledgeable about the immune system and how it works so she’s also always counseling us about different vitamins and foods as remedies. I have recommended Gabby to many friends and every single one of them is thanking me for it. Also, my 18 year old daughter who didn’t believe in anything that wasn’t tangible visited Gabby a few times and she was able to help her with her menstrual cycle that was going out of whack, Gabby helped her relax and that in return helped her in her studies as well. Overall I recommend you see Gabby for whatever issue it is you’re having because she’s absolutely AMAZING!”

Isabelle M., Long Island - 2017

“Thank you Gabriela!  I have had only six energy sessions with you, and with each week I feel better than before.  I am calmer, clear headed, and grounded.  I am able to focus on the positive.  Throughout my life, I have suffered with anxiety and depression.  Through my adult years, I have been lucky to find some great coaches, therapists, and those who, like you, facilitate healing through energy work. But you, Gabriela, are quite unique.   I can be a bit of a skeptic.  So before the first time I met you, I decided to just stay quiet and let you do whatever it is you do.  And, Wow!  You surely did not disappoint.  I did not have to say a thing. You read my energy.  It seems for you the messages were quite clear.  From our first session, you helped my breathing; you lessened my anxiety; you took away some of the deeper, darker places I have tended to go when depressed; sleeping is better; waking up is easier.  More impressive than that, the good feelings lasted until the second session!  I don’t quite understand it but you moved my energy.  Still better, you put me in the driver’s seat; you have empowered me to do some of the energy work on my own.  I had no idea I was capable. The daily routines you gave me to follow are simple and brief, yet powerful in shifting my focus and ability to be open. The work you give me to do take less than 15 minutes a day.  Fifteen minutes for a better, for a more enjoyable life! After only six sessions, all of my issues are more manageable; some are completely gone.  Blocks have been removed! Thank you Gabriela! No matter what my mood is when I walk into the medical office, I feel so lighter and more grounded on the way out. Gabriela you truly have a gift.  You have helped move my energy so thinking, feeling, existing is so much more pleasurable. Gabriela you truly are a gift.  You have given me the tools to heal and thrive by practicing, on my own, simple movements with focused intention.”

Sam M., New Jersey - 2018

“Dear Gabriela, you are a gift to us all. 
Thank you for your magic on this planet!”

Jennifer G., New Jersey - 2018

Gabi, I can’t believe, after all 3 years of pain in which I couldn’t use my hand to brush my hair or to dress myself, or even to lift any weight, and all the doctor’s visits with MRIs and all the others tests, couldn’t fix my arm, but with your work in only 2 sessions, you took all the pain and discomfort. Guess if my hand hurts, the answer is: NO, NOT anymore and it’s been months now from our sessions. Thank you so much for the beautiful thoughts and for the beautiful and good things you brought to my life.

Petra M., Romania - 2016

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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